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Hello everyone--
  I post under my personal email (tkngflght@yahoo.com) and wear a histologist hat (the one with paraffin and heme all over it)...this is posted in my role as a histology recruiter:
  I have a great opportunity for new histology graduates.  Of course I'm alway open to help you veterans, but this is a new development for those just out of school looking for a great job with excellent growth potential.  I'm VERY careful with where I will place a new grad--we all want you to learn what you need to know on top of your schooling and to LIKE histology so you STAY in the field!!  These jobs are in those very places.  Give me a call, or send your resume (not to the list serve, please). 
  I am a histotech--have been one for over 20 years and I still work the bench.  Full Staff is the company name--our mission is to help histologists find a lab home that will help them grow and meet their professional goals in balance their personal lives--not to fill a list of open jobs.  References from techs I've helped in the past are available.  I'll share more about the jobs and how we can help when you call.  No obligation and never any cost to you--
  Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
  Full Staff Inc
  Helping staff the AP Lab - Helping on Tech at a time
  800.756.3309 phone and fax 
  281.852.9457 office 
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