[Histonet] GAD vs. paraformaldehyde

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I read an article on http://www.histosearch.com/histonet/May00A/Re.GABBAandalcoholfix.html). It is very informative.

I am doing GAD 65/67 experments. I have the following questions:

1). on the webpage http://www.histosearch.com/histonet/Aug02A/RE.4paraformaldehyde.html, it is said "It suggests that the solution was fresh and that very little formic acid or methanol had had time to form". If old paraformaldehyde solution is used, does the formic acid or methanol have negative effects on the later GAD staining?

2). Why people use alchol for perfusion and post fix ("profusing with 80% alcohol", "I drop mouse
brains into fresh 80% (alcohol)... to post fix" in (http://www.histosearch.com/histonet/May00A/Re.GABBAandalcoholfix.html). It is very informative)

Thank you very much!

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