flattening sections Re: [Histonet] Skin Artifact Identification

From:Gayle Callis

Rene is correct on this.

Also if you flatten your sections on a hot plate immediately after picking=20
up the section onto the slides, this action will cause the same bubbling 

At 06:45 AM 5/16/2006, you wrote:
>Santoianni & Hammami published an article in Jorunal 
>Histotechnol.[13(2):135-136(1990)] where they attribute a nuclear 
>"bubbling" artifact to oven heat-affixing the sections above 60║C before=20
>they were completely free from water underneath.
>   I have been able to corroborate their finding. If this makes sense to 
> you try to be absolutely sure that there is no water left underneath your=20
> sections before heating them in the oven.
>   Hope this will help you!
>   RenÚ J.
>JGREWE@OhioHealth.com wrote:
>   Does anyone know what may be causing this skin artifact? What we have in
>some of our skin cases is vacuoles within the nuclei of squamous cells of
>epidermis on permanent sections. We don't see it all of the time. 10%
>NBF fixation. Thanks
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