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From:"Andrea T. Hooper"

Bummer, I loved this antibody also for mouse on mouse staining.

DAKO sells a mouse anti-FITC, clone DAK-FITC4, which is excellent for 
staining human tissue with FITC labeled antibodies using the Mouse 
EnVision+ kit as the detection system. I am hoping this antibody was 
not discontinued as well!

Also FYI, there is a sheep anti-FITC-HRP (from the TUNEL POD kit but 
sold separately also) from Roche Molecular Biochemicals which is 
excellent and I routintely use it for conversion of good strong 
labeling FITC antibodies to HRP/DAB detection. (The primary must 
obviously stain robustly since there is a lack of  amplification 
using this protocol).

With just a quick scan of InVitrogen/Zymed/Molecular Probes website 
....  I see a rabbit anti-FITC from Zymed Catalog #71-1900, I know 
nothing about its quality though, probably decent!

-- Andrea

>At 10:59 AM 5/18/2006, you wrote:
>>Hello everyone
>>I was searching the histonet archives and came across an e-mail from
>>Gayle Callis about the use of Dako's rabbit anti-FITC antibody for FITC
>>labeled mouse antibodies on mouse tissue.  To make a long story short,
>>it seems that Dako has discontiued this item, is anyone aware of a good
>>subsititue for this,  the one I was interested in was not biotinylated.
>>Thanks in advance
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