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From:Mikael Niku

Hello Douglas!

We are routinely using microwave heating to dramatically enhance in situ 
hybridization to genomic DNA in paraffin-embedded sections of PFA-fixed 
tissue material.
This is like a standard antigen retrieval treatment (15 minutes in a 
boiling buffer solution, then 20 min slow cooling). The results are much 
better than without microwave heating. Please note we still need to do a 
separate denaturation step to facilitate hybridization, so it seems the 
DNA is not at least permanently denatured.

I think we are also doing succesful PCR in situ hybridization in the 
same way, although this method is not in my personal use.

So, at this scale there doesn't seem to be harm done. But I have never 
isolated DNA from samples processed this way, and  I guess any other 
kind of molecular testing would need to be tried and confirmed separately.

With best regards,

Deltour, Douglas D. (HM2) wrote:
> Hello,
> I am looking for some information that can confirm or deny that microwave
> technology would degrade DNA and limit molecular testing.  Thanks!


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