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I don't think the larynx will be calcified, but it will contain both 
hyaline and elastic cartilage which could be pretty tough to 
cryosection.  The Instrumedics should be able to do the job with a heavy 
duty knife, maybe even the TC used for undecalcified bone sections but if 
the samples are huge, it would require the macro system.

I may be much easier to do paraffin sections and NOT cryosections.  The 
samples would have to be thawed, simply drop into formalin, fix and process 
with a longer schedule to ensure good dehydration, clearing, but most of 
all infiltration of paraffin into the cartilage.

At 10:52 AM 5/2/2006, you wrote:
>Can anyone suggest a resource for getting frozen sections of Elk Larynx?
>One of my clients asks:
>"I study elk sound production. As one question we investigate the anatomical
>structure of the larynx. For this purpose I need cross sections of several
>larynges (approx. 15 larynges). Cross sections at three positions are
>necessary for each larynx,. The larynges are most likely calcified at
>varying degrees. I have stored the larynges frozen in saline solution."
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