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From:Gayle Callis

We used wooden tongue depressors to scrape cheeks for buccal smears - that 
way you do not have cells trapped in cotton fibers.  There are scrapers, 
plastic that may work better, you can still resuspend the cells off the 
ends - agitate the tubes containing scraper with a vortex mixer to let 
cells go into PBS.

I think you could cytospin the cells onto slides easily.

  At 09:45 AM 5/10/2006, you wrote:

>   Hi, Histonet.
>   I  am  staining  phosoph-MEK  on  cheek  cells.  Here is the way how I
>   collected  cheek  cells.   I  used  cotton tips scrape inside of human
>   mouth.   then  I  soak  the  tip  into  the fixative offered by Thermo
>   shandon for cytospin.  Then I cytospined cells to slides.
>   While  I  stained  pMEK,  I  brought a rabbit IgG with it for negative
>   control.   I  got  a  positive  stain on cheek cells.  Cells were very
>   sticky.
>   Anyone  has IHC experience on buccal cells would like share with me, I
>   really appreciated.  Thanks a lot.
>   Yan Gao
>   Novartis
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