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From:"Jackie M O'Connor"

Michelle - 
Speaking as someone who has suffered from tendinitis from microtomy, who 
says it's not work related?  Workmans comp? What is your claim for? Missed 
work, health care costs, or other damages?    What does your doctor say? 
You'll need supporting documentation from your ortho for any action to be 
taken seriously. 
It sounds as if your place of employment isn't cooperating - I slammed my 
finger in a drawer at work a couple of months ago, and did some nerve 
damage - I didn't go to employee health until a week later because I 
thought it was stupid, but then they were all over it - even sent me to a 
hand specialist.  The feeling eventually did come back in my finger (I can 
tell, you were ALL worried) - anyway - it's basically the doctor's call - 
and he'll recommend how to prevent additional damage, which probably 
includes adapting your microtomy style, among other things.   Then you 
probably could get a good personal injury lawyer who will do all the 
research for 30% of your settlement.
Good luck.

"Michelle D. Moore"  
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05/18/2006 12:01 PM


[Histonet] Help workers comp issue

Hello fellow colleagues,
     I am at a point of frustration with workers comp, some surprise there 
huh? I need to be pointed in the direction of getting information about 
histotechs and repetitive motion disorders. I have a tear on my tendon in 
my right elbow with epicondylitis and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and 
of course they are saying it is not work related (BULL). I did not have 
this problem until working in histology and I do not play any sports or 
anything that would cause these problems. I would really appreciate some 
help with this as I am going to have to get a lawyer to even get anything 
done about this. I appreciate all your time and help with this. Sorry to 
vent but I just got off the phone with workers comp and I am angry and 
hurt. Thank you again for your time and help.

Michelle D. Moore HT(ASCP)
The Memorial Hospital 
785 Russell St
Craig, CO 81625
Fax 970-826-3158
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