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   Don't  you  have  a  Risk  Management  department  that  would be very
   interested  in  the  fact that they have not done something about this
   mislabel-er?   You  may have to go "over the head" of your manager and
   HR department to assure patient care.
   Angie Barnett, HTL(ASCP)
   Grady Memorial Hospital
   Pathology Department

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   Date: Friday, May 12, 2006 4:38 pm

   Subject: [Histonet] Help!

   > I don't know what else to do. I am the pathology supervisor and
   > have a histo tech that continuously mislabels cassettes and
   > slides. Fortunately we have been able to fix everything, so far.
   > Yeah I know at some point we won't be able to. This has been
   > going on for sometime. Each time I tell her that she mislabeled
   > something and each time I tell my manager and document it. The
   > manager and HR have spoken to her on 3 different occasions. Yes I
   > said 3 and she has mislabeled cassettes and/or slides more times
   > then that. And yet she still has a job. I have tried everything
   > short of sitting behind her all day and watch everything she does
   > to make sure she does it right. No one wants to take action on
   > this issue except me and I can't do anything other then document
   > it and tell her every time. And of course since no one else is
   > doing anything about it I am the bad guy for "telling on her".
   > The pathologists agree with me that something needs done and they
   > all have told the
   > manager to do something. But they don't want to get involved
   > because "personal issues are not thier issues". I don't know what
   > else to do.
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