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From:Gayle Callis


It was a MMA kit sold by Delaware Diamond Knives for many years.  They no 
longer sell this and haven't for many years.
I recall there was a problem in getting the plasticizer (it was different 
from dibutyl phthlate) from Europe and it may have been because this 
plasticizer was no longer being produced.  DDK discontinued setting up and 
selling the kits.

One can buy a similar kit, Technovits 9100 (a MMA kit) for the same kind of 
application and results or you can make up your own inhouse mixtures for 
PMMA -  the latter is what we used to do.

The K-Plast kit was very good, it always seemed a bit softer for grinding, 
but the staining was very good.  We preferred a harder PMMA but hardness 
can be adjusted several ways to fit one's needs, our preference.   The 
Technovits 9100 should be comparable and very efficient in kit form.

We processed undecalcified bone for infiltration with K-Plast in the exact 
same way as using a inhouse mixture or how people use Technovits 9100.  I 
still have package inserts fro K-Plast in my bone files.

t 08:23 AM 5/17/2006, you wrote:
>A paper I am reading calls for embedding in DDK-plast. I have never heard of
>this embedding medium. From the context it sounds like it must be similar to
>methyl methacrylate.  Has anyone used this?  What can you tell me about it?
>Especially how it compares to typical PMMA. Thanks.

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