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Hello all,

Can't help chiming in on tissue processors.  I have been through two
VIP's, have demoed others as well in the past and currently have two
Ventanas.  I had one of the first geeneration VIP's on the west coast
back in 1980.  This instrument today still has no equal in processing
power.  I purchased a VIP 3000 expecting similar capabilites and was
sorely disappointed.  They had removed a second pump (from the original
model) that had provided the agitation and replaced it with "periodic
tidal flow" to compensate.  In short if you are confronted with
processing large (and small) specimens there is no substitution for
aggressive agitation whether it be in the form of continually moving the
reagents around at a vigorous pace or physically moving the tissues
around within the retort chamber.  I'm not that familiar with what the
current marketplace has to offer but when I go to purchase our next
processor the form of agitation will be my starting criteria.  Vacuum,
pressure and tidal flow are not a substitute for good old vigorous
physical agitation.  As an analogy look at the difference in the speed
of diffusion of reagents through a tissue section on a slide when you
hand stain it as opposed to when it's subjected to the slow (or
nonexistent) agitation that most automated stainers provide.  That's

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 I have used the Lecia at another faculty, and it had some problems, but
I had always preferred the Sakura VIP until now. I got a lemon and the
service dept is horrible, in fact we are trying to get them to replace
it. Actually the service has been so bad I would love to dump the whole
company. Anyway, sorry for venting, but I would try the thermo at this
time. Did you know that Richard Allan also has one? 
Good luck,
Diane Santana
Haverhill, Mass.

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