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 We also put Eosin in our last 100% alcohol on the processor. Helps with
embedding and especially with cutting of needle bx and other small bx.
Our bx are between blue sponges(I like the sponges from SurgiPath
best)that have been soaked in formalin.
St. Francis Hospital 

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We are looking for a way to better mark our small needle biopsies such
as breast cores and prostate biopsies so that they are more easily seen
after processing.

Right now the embedder has some trouble identifying the cores and in
turn the histotech often has problems seeing the cores in the paraffin

We are doing levels on these cases but find that often we need recuts
because we are not into the block enough.


I have heard of some techs who have used a little eosin in their 70%
ETOH, which helped the techs identify the cores.  I am reluctant to use
eosin on my automated processors in the 70% ETOH however.  We tried
dipping the blocks in eosin tinted formalin at the grossing stations.
The eosin leached out and did no good.   Does anyone have any good


I do know that some send eosin tinted formalin to sites that are doing
these biopsies.  I don't see that as an option for us.  Thanks for your


James R. Vickroy

Supervisor - MMC Surgical Pathology



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