RE: [Histonet] Marking prostate biopsies

From:Kemlo Rogerson

I used to dip breast biopsy cores into very dilute alcoholic eosin just for
a few seconds and they came through the Processors OK. You could post fix
after formalin with a picric acid fixative but then you'd have to wash it

If you decide to use eosin then don't use a single receptacle for dipping
the biopsies into; cross over. I used to put a few drops into the upturned
lid of the biopsy pot and then dip the cores in, one by one, then put into
the cassette. I used then to forget and put the lid on the pot and cover
myself in eosin, and the floor, and my coat, and the MLA next to me. But
better that then give someone a false positive result.

A bit red in the face.....

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