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We had a very similar problem.  After sending her off for a medical check, it was discovered that she was Seriously ill !  Send her to a doctor NOW.. Your first responsibility to your employees is Care and Compassion.
   If that fails, Is something distracting her (music, conversation, a certain personality of a coworker?)


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I think Luis may have a point; does she have dyscalculia? But either way 
that may make her unsuitable for the job. I think it is important you 
document the errors and also document your conversations with her. I would 
by now have sent her Occupational Health to see if there is a problem 
processing numbers and/ or any other medical problems. You will need to 
engage her Union, if she has one, then ultimately you will find yourself at 
the final disciplinary hearing and sacking. The only other thing you can try 
is redeployment to another job that doesn't require the use of numbers; 
failing that it's cheaper to manage a dismissal and any Employment Tribunal 
fallout than litigation if something goes wrong because of a problem you 
knew about but never sorted; Managers sometimes have to make the difficult 

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