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is she dyslexic? if so then maybe she can be reassigned.....????

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I don't know what else to do.  I am the pathology supervisor and have a
histo tech that continuously mislabels cassettes and slides.  Fortunately we
have been able to fix everything, so far.  Yeah I know at some point we
won't be able to.  This has been going on for sometime.  Each time I tell
her that she mislabeled something and each time I tell my manager and
document it.  The manager and HR have spoken to her on 3 different
occasions.  Yes I said 3 and she has mislabeled cassettes and/or slides more
times then that.  And yet she still has a job.  I have tried everything
short of sitting behind her all day and watch everything she does to make
sure she does it right.  No one wants to take action on this issue except me
and I can't do anything other then document it and tell her every time.  And
of course since no one else is doing anything about it I am the bad guy for
"telling on her".   The pathologists agree with me that something needs done
and they all have told the
 manager to do something.  But they don't want to get involved because
"personal issues are not thier issues".  I don't know what else to do.
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