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For filtering such specimens I use Nitex mesh.  It's a nylon mesh (under the
microscope it looks just like window screen) which can be purchased in a
variety of pore sizes.  When filtering biopsy materials for histologic
processing I usually use a 50 micron mesh.  80 ml of liquid will run through
it in a few seconds, and all particles larger then 50 microns will be
retained.  Finer mesh sizes are available but you probably aren't likely to
be processing biopsies smaller then 50 microns.  It's more expensive than
filter paper but is worth it in time saved.

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> We are a large volume lab having to filter colposcopy specimens for
> processing.
> Having difficulty finding suitable filter paper to accomodate filtering
> approx. 80 ml
> of fluid per container.  We have tried both Fisher and VWR and they both
> take far too much time to filter.
> Does anyone have a supplier they could recommend?
> Thanks in advance.
> Tracey
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