[Histonet] Tech mislabeling slides

From:"Andrea C. Bilger"

In our lab we have 2 identifiers on our cassettes and preprinted slide labels,  the patient name and the surgical specimen number. We use a cassette labeler integrated with our lab computer system to print the cassettes.   Slide labels are generated automatically using the lab system also.  This reduced errors.  Our next problem was placing the correct slide label on the slide.  We now have the techs look at every block before placing in the microtome chuck and look at the patient name as well as the number.  Then they look at the slide label and check to see that the same name and number is on that before sticking it on the slide.  Almost anyone can transpose a number but the name is easily recognized.  I think I look at names more than numbers now.  It has really helped us reduce our labeling errors.  

Andrea Bilger
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