[Histonet] Re- processing fatty tissues

From:Malam Jacqueline

We have used a modified routine method for a few years now and it works fine
with our Shandon Pathcentre processor as long as you keep an eye on the
number of blocks processed and change reagents accordingly, and the blocks
don't exceed recommended size and thickness.
Schedule - 
Neutral buffered 10% formalin - 11/2 hrs at room temp (unless you have a
downdraft extractor then use heat)
70% alc, 90% alc then 3 changes of 100% alc (alcohols) - 1 hr all heated to
40 C
1 change of 100% alcohol/xylene mixed ratio of 50:50 - 1 hr heated to 40 C
3 changes of xylene - 1 hr 15 mins all heated to 40 C
4 changes of wax - 1 hr 15 mins all heated to 60 C

Jacqui Malam

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