[Histonet] RE: tech mislabeling slides and cassettes

From:"Osborn, Sharon"

             All of the responses have validity; Do medical evaluation
of her; involve risk management, legal, HR, etc.  Is there an EAP
program should she be experiencing emotional trauma that is severely
interfering?  Is she a good to great tech in other areas rather than the
labeling; are you short-handed?
	However, this is also a great situation to bring in some
automation in the labeling department.  With automated cassette and
slide labeling, this could be given to a lab assistant or such person to
do. Or, the techs rotate through doing it.  Slides are made the day
before to match the cassettes generated or, with late ones, early the
next morning by a tech or lab assistant (if you are not a 24 hour
facility).  Therefore, the tech does not have to do any manual labeling;
only match slides to cassettes at the microtome and cassettes to the
grossing sheet.  Has this avenue been explored?  Many people transpose
numbers and figure out ways to compensate for this; however, this tech
may be in denial or it is such a severe problem that other means for
numbering is best solution.
Sharon Osborn
DNAX, SP BioPharma
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