[Histonet] RE: goat primary Ab

From:"C.M. van der Loos"

   Dear Susan,

   So  far I have seen just 2-step and 3-step streptavidin-biotin methods
   coming by. We have tried here two biotin-free systems:

   1)  anti-goat  polymer-HRP  from  Zymed/Invitrogen: it works nice with
   clean  background.  However, the  performance  of this polymer is much
   less   compared   with a   3-step  streptavidin-biotin  method  (note:
   anti-rabbit  and  -mouse  polymers  like EnVision+ and PowerVision are
   nearly as sensitive as a 3-step streptavidin-biotin method).

   2)  3-step approach with first rabbit anti-goat (Dako, 1/2500-5000, 30
   min) followed by an anti-rabbit polymer-HRP. This is quite a sensitive
   method that worked very good for us for a number of goat primaries.

   Chris van der Loos, PhD
   Dept. of Pathology
   Academic Medical Center M2-230
   Meibergdreef 9
   NL-1105 AZ Amsterdam
   The Netherlands

   Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 18:49:50 -0400
   From: "Susan Bryant" 
   Subject: [Histonet] goat primary Ab
   Hello to all
    I  am  sending this for a friend in research....how many folks out in
   Histoland  are  doing  IHC with goat primaries on human, mouse and rat
   tissues?   What  detection  is  everyone  using,  and  are you getting
   consistent results?
    You  may  send  your  responses  to me and I will print them for her.
   Thanks for you time.
   Susan Bryant
   Knoxville Dermatopath
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