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From:Jeff Silverman



Finally, my research interest is finding some use in practice :-). In the
breast and in many other organs, the normal resting periductal, perilobular,
and interstitial fibroblasts express CD34. As carcinomatous invasion occurs,
resting CD34+ dendritic stromal  fibroblasts  transform into actin+
myofibroblasts so analysis of these two stromal markers are useful in
evaluating the presence or absence of carcinomatous invasion. Double stains
for cytokeratin and alpha smooth muscle actin have been used to demonstrate
the presence of invasion ie carcinoma cells surrounded by or amidst
myofibroblasts.  These contractile cells are necessary to effect migration
through the connective  tissue. The actin antibody  will also detect the
presence or absence of myoepithelial cells in a given lesion.  







This CD34 versus smooth muscle actin approach was recently reported useful
in evaluating invasive implants of peritoneal mesothelioma versus benign
endosalpingiosis in omentum and peritoneum. 






Hope this helps. 


Jeff Silverman HT HTL QIHC (ASCP)

Pathologists' Assistant- Pathology Supervisor

Southside Hospital

North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System

Bay Shore, New York USA


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