[Histonet] Liver sections

From:Rachael Emerson

Hello. I need some advice about cutting adult mouse livers. The livers are
fixed in paraformaldehyde overnight, rinsed, stored in 70% EtOH, and then
processed into paraffin.  I usually cut at about 4um, but my sections look
like they are thicker...maybe 10um.  Everything else I cut looks fine, itıs
just the liver.   Usually I face the block and let it sit on ice for 1-2
hours before cutting.  Sometimes if I am having trouble with shredding, I
will let it sit overnight on ice at 4°C.  Any advice or suggestions on my
thickness problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Rachael L. Emerson 
Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research
University of Rochester Medical Center
575 Elmwood Avenue MRBX 1.11301
Rochester, NY 14642

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