Re: [Histonet] substitute for xylene

From:"Fred Underwood"

Hi Myriam,

The June 2000 issue of Journal of Histotechnology (volume 23, number 2)
has an article dealing with using mineral oil inplace of xylene for
processing.  Many years ago I used peanut oil in processing catheters
removed from dog hearts (to examine the surrounding tissue for
something, though I don't remember  what).  If you don't have access to
the JOH article I could fax/mail it to you.


>>>  05/27/05 04:46AM >>>
Hello everyone

i have some samples made of polystyrene and i want to embed them in
paraffin or MMA. But xylene and toluene attacks polystyrene. DO you Know
another clearing agent to replace Xylene ?
Thank you very much in advance.

Myriam baali
natural implant

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