Re: [Histonet] problem with MMA

BMA is butylmethacrylate, i make a mixture of Methylmethacrylate 60ml,  
butylmethacrylate 35 ml, methylbenzoate 5ml, and 1.2 ml PEG 400.
i Fix samples in paraformaldehyde 4%, then dehydrate in ethanol, clear in  
xylene, then in :
MMA 1 : mixture as below.
MMA2 : mixture + 04% of PBO (peroxyde benzoyle dried)
MMA3 : mixture + 0.8 % of PBO.
all these stpes at 4C.
then polymerisation MMA3 + N N dimethyltoluidine at -20C.
titanium samples are disks of 1cm diameter.
Myriam Baali

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