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    Maybe. I don't think you will find much on the surface of the kidney 
but the surface of the heart should have plenty. Go to the medical 
library and get any of several massive tomes on "The Heart". Early on 
there will be a chapter on anatomy which will include innervation. There 
will be references to original papers so you can find out who did the 
work and what method they used. The multi volume "Handbook of 
Physiology" will also have copious information on the innervation of the 
heart and references to the methods used.
    You could try using an antibody to tyrosine hydroxylase to show 
adrenergic nerves. You could look up a 1975 paper by Herdman and Taylor 
in Stain Technology, vol 50, page 37. Many years ago a colleague of mine 
used that method, with considerable modification, to show re-innervation 
of wounds in mouse skin whole mounts. Leuco-methylene blue is another 
possible try.


Joseph Ulphani wrote:

>Anyone knows the method for staining a whole tissue ( e.g. kidney or heart) for adrenergic nerves on the surface of the tissue?
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