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A short soak in soapy water on a frozen cold tray cures all cutting
problems associated with biospy specimens, bloody tissues, etc.


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>>> "Kaye Ryan"  5/24/2005 7:53:33 AM >>>
We have begun processing tissues using the microwave processor.  For
most part, everything we process turns out beautifully but we seem to
having a problem with small endoscopic biopsies.  We have begun seeing
chatter but it appears to only be in the neoplastic part of the biopsy.

I know that normally chatter is due to cutting techniques or
of the tissue but we take the extra steps to ensure the blocks are
appropriately cut.  Since it seems to be localized to the neoplastic
area I was wondering if this could be due to the microwave processing.

We occasionally had this problem with routine processing but only
occasionally.  Everything else cuts very well.  Has anyone heard of or
experienced similar problems with microwave processing or can you
some advice or tips as to how to troubleshoot this problem

Kaye Ryan
Histology Manager/Educational Coordinator
Rocky Point Laboratories
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