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From:Bryan Llewellyn

I have blued Weigert's iron hematoxylin in the past, although I didn't do it 
as a routine.  I wondered if the acid in the Weigert's solution affected the 
colour and I tried it to find out.  Blueing does deepen the colour, although 
not as significantly as with alum hematoxylin.  However, the acid solutions 
I used afterwards in Masson's trichrome undid it and the end result was the 
same.  It is useful if the iron hematoxylin is used alone without a 
counterstain, perhaps on smears for amoebae, but otherwise not.  Other iron 
hematoxylin stains of the Heidenhain type do not need blueing.  The mordant 
does that.

Bryan Llewellyn

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> I've never blued after a Weigert iron hematoxylin stain. Nuclei are either
> black, or they aren't. If they are not, then the iron hematoxylin is old
> (more than a couple days old), and putting the tissue into an alkali
> solution won't bring the color back.
> I'm curious, why are you bluing? What is the purpose? Maybe then I can 
> help.
> Peggy Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
> William Beaumont Hospital
> Royal Oak, MI 48073
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> Does anyone know if using a bluing agent after weigerts iron hematoxylin
> will achieve the same results a lengthy tap water rince?
> Steve
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