Re: [Histonet] Removing OCT???

From:"Katri Tuomala"

We sometimes end up processing to paraffin the frozen needle biopsies of 
kidney, after IF (immunofluorescence) has been completed (original paraffin 
blocks did not have glomeruli) and they seem to turn out OK. Maybe it 
depends a lot on type of tissue and what you are going to do with it after.

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> Hi Katri,
> I would expect substantial deleterious damage to the cytoarchitecture 
> using this method, as freeze-thaw is generally to be avoided ... are your 
> experiences different? I suggest that Cathy cut frozen sections and 
> post-fix in 10% NBF for 10 min at RT as an alternative.
> Thanks,
> Andrea
> At 10:06 PM -0400 5/23/05, Katri Tuomala wrote:
>>Hi Cathy,
>>Just put the OCT embedded tissue in 10% NBF and let come to room 
>>temperature, change formalin and let fix appropriate time.
>>Katri Tuomala
>>Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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>>>I am new to staining tissues and I recently froze a bunch of tissues in
>>>OCT.  However, I recently found out that it would be better to have some
>>>sample fixed in formalin as well so you can use mutliple staining 
>>>Is there a way to remove OCT from tissue samples without damaging the
>>>tissue, or is the tissue forever stuck in tissue tek once you freeze it 
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