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From:Philip Oshel

It's Texas, they have open season on *everything*.

>Are they in season down in Texas? Or do you have open season on varmints?
>Joe Nocito wrote:
>>Can I just shoot the pathologist first?
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>>I assume that you are askig about embedding?
>>Can't you treat the hair bulbs as whole specimens, attach them to a slide
>>(agar perhaps) and then stain the entire hair bulb for fungus?
>>Try this first and then shoot the pathologist.
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>>Howdy Histoland,
>>     I swear one day I'm gonna shoot me a pathologist. We are diving into the
>>realm of hair pulls by dermatologists to look for fungus. Any ideas on how
>>to handle these itsy bitsy specimens? Embedding tips? We were successful on
>>the first specimen, but haven't even come close since then. I'm pulling my
>>hair out.
>>     We are supposed to be a nice little lab that does routine histology.
>>Don't the "reference" part fool ya. Ummmmmm, maybe some one should have told
>>this pathologist that.
>>     As always, thanks in advance for your help and the routine disclaimer
>>     "The opinions of the author do not reflect the opinions of his
>>employers, their lawyers, family members, distant cousins, yada yada yada.
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