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Hello Patsy, because I was intrigued, I did the search for you at and from John Kiernan comes the following answer...

  Nothing will bemove the brown DAB product. You could rinse the
  sections in acid (e.g. about pH 2) to remove all bound antibodies,
  then immunostain again for the correct antigen, using a differently
  coloured detection system, such as AEC for peroxidase (red) or
  an alkaline phosphatase-based ABC or APAP kit (commonly purple
  or red). Nickel- or cobalt-enhanced DAB (blue-black) might be OK.

                    John A. Kiernan
                    Dept of Anatomy and Cell Biology
                    University of Western Ontario
                    LONDON,   Canada.


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I remember someone mentioning that DAB can be removed from a section when
that is the only section one has to work with, how is that done again?
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