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In the UK I believe that there are recommendations, for example the
number of blocks from prostatic chippings depends on their weight; but a
Pathologist is best telling you the College recommendations. 

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Good Morning Histonetters,
I have a question for you this morning...Are there written standards or
"Rules of Thumb" regarding number of blocks that should be submitted on
certain tissues?  The reason I ask is, "it seems to me"  that sometimes
the PA submits an extreme number of blocks on some specimens that could
be accomplished with less.  I'm not advocating cutting corners or not
performing good medical practice, I just need to know.  An example would
be a uterus w/ fibroids, tubes and ovaries which we have gotten up to 24
blocks on.  I'm not a PA, but it's interesting to me that when the
Pathologist cut, we get alot less blocks.
Please advise.

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