RE: [Histonet] GOOD markers/pencils for cassettes

From:"Bonner, Janet"

 Statlab pens work great on the slides, but we can't use them on the
cassettes.  We use the Sanford Sharpie Industrial fine point pen (available
from Office Depot)...It has super permanent ink and works fantastically.

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Subject: [Histonet] GOOD markers/pencils for cassettes

HELP!  HELP!  HELP!   We are having lots of problems with our markers
(we're now using StatLab).  The writing smears and smudges when we fix
tissues in PenFix, from a combination of the grease from the fat and the
alcohol in the PenFix.   What is everyone using to mark cassettes that
will be fixed in alcohol-based fixatives?   ANY suggestions are welcome!
We cannot at this time buy a cassette marker machine.   Are there
pencils that work well?   Our Tissue Tek pencils used to smear also, but
maybe there are better ones?
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