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If the formic acid was done according to protocol for prion deactivation
then theoretically you should have no problem with using an automated
stainer. There are probably a few things to keep in mind. How was the
specimen cut? Were precautions taken at that time? In the current animal
models the infectious agent needs to be ingested or inoculated IC to cause
disease. The prion is bound to the tissue which is bound to the slide so my
feeling is that things are pretty stable at this point. Alternatively you
could stain by hand using disposable containers, segregate your waste and
treat with Environ LpH which inactivated prions. If you do put it on an
automated stainer you should collect your waste and treat to deactivate


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How do people deal with immuno requests on formic acid treated autopsy
tissue from
suspected CJD cases?  Are there concerns with putting these slides
automated immunostainers?  

Sally Ann Drew, MT(ASCP)
IHC/ISH Laboratory
University of Wisconsin Hosp. & Clinics
Madison, WI 53792

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