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Hi Heather,
I am not sure about CD44 v4 & v7, but I tried CD44 v6 antibody (dil. 1/500)
from R&D Systems (Cat No.BRA13). I obtained good results with HIER with EDTA
(pH 8) or Citrate buffer.



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Dear Histonetters

A colleague is having trouble with these 2 antibodies.  She has tried
hier at ph 6
and 8, enzyme ar and no ar without any success.  Her problem is specific
amidst lots of non-specific staining and when the dilution is increased
the desired signal is lost and she is left with all of the nss.
If anybody has successfully worked with these antibodies; any advice /
help would
be appreciated.
She is using Novocastra CD44 v4 and 
Serotec CD44 v7 (MCA1731)

Many many thanks.


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