[Histonet] problem with MMA


Hello histonetters,
I am using MMA/ BMA to embed titanium samples on wich we grew cells . The  
polymerisation step is done at -20C. Thick sections are made with diamond  
thread saw and grinded until they reach 50-80 um. Sections are stained with RBS  
Rapid bone stain) on a hot plate at 56C.
Unfortunately i see on the resulting slides a separation between  titanium 
and cells.
can anyone help me understanding what happens and how avoid this separation =20
between titanium and cells.
Can it be due to the retraction of BMA/MMA during polymerization ? 
Do you think the temperature (-20C) during polymerization has an effect  ?
In some cases we covered thentitanium with a hydroxyapatite layer before  
growing cells, but obtained the same results in the end.
thanks in advance.
best regards.
Myriam baali
Natural Implant
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