[Histonet] Will brain tissue shrink even more if stored in 70% alcohol prior to processing?

From:CM Bush

Dear Histonet,
Hello, here is my first post to the list, thank you in advance for your help.
Having problems with mouse and human brain tissue shrinkage durning processing, but would like to better preserve antigens, concerned storage of tissue 70% ethanol will shrink tissue even further: 
We have lots of brain specimens, stored in formalin for a long time (months up to 10 years), both human and mouse.  We perform immunohistochemistry on paraffin embedded brain.  Of course, there is the massive over fixation. Also the tissue shrinks a lot during processing.  
In my last lab, after brain tissue had been fixed in formalin for 7 days we would store the tissue in 70% ethanol.  I'd like to start storing the brain tissue I work with now in 70%, but I'm worried about the tissue possibly shinking too much, as the tissue already seems to shrink by greater than 60% after processing.
(Previously, we would gradually increase the alcohols, 30% for 1 hour, then 50% for an hour in a bucket, room temperature on a rocker table, then put the cassettes into a bucket of 70% and store at room temp or 4C- does this process help any with controling the shrinkage factor?)
Maybe this is a little bit long...thank you very much for your time.
CM Bush

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