[Histonet] Trouble Adhering Post-Fixed Frozen Cartilage to Slides...



   I'm trying to adhere frozen intervertebral discs to slides for H&E
staining as well as immunohistochemistry, and am having a hard time getting
the tissues to stick to the slides throughout the process.  The tissues
were obtained fresh, then fixed for 24 hours in Lanas solution (4%
paraformaldehyde, 14% picric acid in phosphate buffer solution), and then
stored in a cryopreservative for approximately 1 week, after which they
were quick frozen in liquid nitrogen.  Does anyone have any protocols that
they use for post-fixed frozen cartilage?

   Also, I have a colleague who is working with paraffin embedded Temporal
Mandibular Discs (connective tissue, synomium, muscle, cartilage), and was
trying to do immunohistochemistry, and he was having some difficulty
getting the tissue to stick to the slides as well.  Does anyone have any
thoughts regarding this problem?

   Thanks for your input!

Phil Tsai
University of Minnesota

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