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Hi Alliosn

We have a person that comes in at 4am. This person embeds our bone marrows
and  biopsies and then starts cutting them. At 5am our second tech arrives
and begins to do the bulk of the embedding. Our third tech arrives at 6am
and starts cutting. Most mornings we have plenty of work for our
pathologists who begin arriving at 7:30 am. Our last tech arrives at 7am
and fills in where needed depending on the nature of the workload that day.
Most days we have all our slides out by 10-10:30.

We do around 17,000 cases/year.

Fred Fifield  HT (ASCP)
Pathology Section Manager
Sun Health - Boswell Memorial Hospital
(623) 876-5338

I have been given a position for another histotech.  My medical director
wants this person to come in at 4:00 AM.  This will increase my staff to 3
full time techs.  I will make the 4th tech.(I am not in the schedule all
time)  My problem is trying to come up with a schedule that will work with
the third person.  We process about 8,000 cases per year.  She wants at
least 1 tray of biopsies out by 8:30 am.  I would appreciate if anyone
suggst some possible schedules that they are currently using.  I know that
person will be responsible for coming in early to embed the tissue and
cutting biopsies.  I feel that coming in at 5:00 am would be better.  Any
help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Alliosn Scott HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
LBJ Hospital
Houston, Texas

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