[Histonet] Histotech Trainee Pay Ranges


Hi everyone,

I am hoping that some of you are willing to share pay scale information. I 
am mostly interested in the hourly pay rate range for 
histotechnician/histotechnologist trainee positions and how those compare 
to the histotechnician and histotechnologist pay rate ranges.

Our trainee pay range seems a bit out of whack. When an employee passes 
the BOR exam they essentially double their salary when they move to a tech 
scale. I would like to raise the pay scale for our trainees, and need to 
gather some info from those willing to share. It would be helpful to 
include the histotech and histotechnologist rates as well so I can see the 
overlap or lack of between the trainee scale and the tech scales.


Cindy Higgerson HTL(ASCP)CM
Surgical Pathology Supervisor
Memorial Hospital
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fax: 618-257-6868
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