[Histonet] Freezing muscle biopsies

From:"Osborn, Sharon"

	Our researchers often freeze tissue for later study.  They use the
plastic disposable embedding molds.  These can be used with the dry ice as
John Kiernan suggested. There is a thin layer of OCT placed in bottom of
mold then the tissue is oriented in this with additional OCT to fill the
mold.  The mold can be labeled with a permanent felt tip pen.  Each specimen
is then placed into the labeled sterile sampling bags, packed in dry ice and
shipped to respective location.  We have experienced very little distortion
of the tissue due to ice crystals, etc.  The testing has worked out okay.
The main tissues were liver, kidney, lung.
	You may wish to experiment with some tissues before actually
tackling the research samples to get the right combination for you.

Sharon Osborn
ScheringPlough Biopharma
Palo Alto, CA

 Hello Histonetters
> I have a unique question.  We are currently starting to set up 
> procedure for collecting samples from a clinical trial.  The clinical 
> trial involves taking multiple synovial biopsies at a surgery center.  
> Since portions of the samples need to be processed for frozen sections 
> we wanted to be able to freeze the specimens at the surgery center via 
> isopentane cooled liquid nitrogen.  We really do not want to have to 
> transport the multiple specimens back to the main lab prior to 
> freezing due to the time involved it would probably be 1-2 hours post 
> biopsy before we could freeze the samples.  The surgery center is 
> questioning the flammability of the isopentane.  Has anyone 
> encountered anything like this?  Any suggestions would be helpful.  
> Thanks in advance.
> Liz
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