[Histonet] Antibodies for FACS and IHC



Please can anyone help?  How are antibodies produced for different 
applications different?  Is it possible to use antibodies that are 
currently being used for IHC, for FACS analysis?   We currently have 
unconjugated primary antibodies which we use for IHC, could we use a 
fluorescent secondary antibody to then use it for FACS.   If I wanted to 
source a new antibody that could be used for IHC (probably frozen sections) 
and FACS - do I need to be sure it's been tested in both applications or 
can I make a judgement based on it's performance in just one of the 
applications?  Is it best to source a fluorescent-conjugated primary?  Or 
will this mean there won't be enough amplification for the IHC application? 
 Sorry for all the questions but I'm venturing into new territory!!

Thank you in advance,


Nicola Cragg BSc
Epistem Ltd
Manchester, UK

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