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>Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 11:47:57 -0600
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>Subject: Re: [Histonet] freezing of specimens in surgery center
>They great cause for concern. They will have to have an explosion proof 
>freezer for storage.  It is highly explosive, flammable.   Histologic had 
>the disaster article on what happened at U of Arkansas at 2 am one morning 
>written by Bob Skinner.  Donna Montague sent me photos also.  When 
>isopentane fumes due to improper strorage in a regular freezer were 
>exposed to spark of freezer cycling, it blew up and burned the lab, cost 
>the university $250,000 to get it all squared away and it took out some 
>very expensive furniture, melted metal, etc.   Luckily no one was killed 
>OR injured.
>At 10:58 AM 5/24/2005, you wrote:
>>Hello Histonetters
>>I have a unique question.  We are currently starting to set up procedure
>>for collecting samples from a clinical trial.  The clinical trial
>>involves taking multiple synovial biopsies at a surgery center.  Since
>>portions of the samples need to be processed for frozen sections we
>>wanted to be able to freeze the specimens at the surgery center via
>>isopentane cooled liquid nitrogen.  We really do not want to have to
>>transport the multiple specimens back to the main lab prior to freezing
>>due to the time involved it would probably be 1-2 hours post biopsy
>>before we could freeze the samples.  The surgery center is questioning
>>the flammability of the isopentane.  Has anyone encountered anything
>>like this?  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.
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