RE: [Histonet] Osmium Tetroxide Protocol


> Good idea to 2X the gloves, but has anyone checked to see what TYPE of
> glove is best to use with OsO4?  I remember an incident that happened
> many years ago about someone who was using a heavy metal compound of
> some kind (mercuric, as I recall).  She used latex -- or manybe it was
> nitrile --gloves.  The compound went right through the gloves.  It was
> extremely toxic and the woman died.  I wish I could remember all the
> details of this thing.  It made national news. I always think of this
> when protecting myself from toxic chemicals. 

I think I remember that incident also, my organic chem professor was talking
about it when the subject of DMSO came up...this lady (I think she was a
professor?) was wearing gloves but there was a small hole...and she was
working with DMSO and some other compound...the DMSO penetrated her skin
with the toxic compound and she died.

That's what I remember, but that was more than 6 years ago when I heard
about it, so my memory may not be perfect.

Zarana Patel

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