[Histonet] Re:good cartoon showing a basic immunoprotocol

From:Gayle Callis

DAKO has these in their Handbook, also any good immunostaining textbook,
but beware, if you are using their publications, you must ask permission to
use to not violate copyright laws.  Jackson Immunoresearch has cartoons

You can be creative and draw your own, right into a Powerpoint
presentation.  Very easy to do with all the bells and whistles in "draw".
That way you see have as a template but do not violate copyright.  Your own
creations are usually far nicer for colors, etc.   Scanned pictures,
cartoons from publications are are generally grainy anyway.  When you do
the lecture, you can add animation to make each step (primary detecting
antigen, secondary detecting primary, etc be much more dynamic - have done
it for my student lectures and workshops. 

I find a single flat picture handed to students during lecture is
confusing, but if it is done step by step, they grasp concepts faster.  A
big help is to download the DAKO handbook as a pdf, burn to CD's and hand
to students for their use in future. DAKO has sent me a dozen handbooks for
class use in past, but CD was very nice and compact.

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