[Histonet] Heat and Tissue Arrays

From:"Thom Jensen"

   The  only  problem  we have noticed in a loss of staining is if slides
   were  made  months  prior  to  staining.  If specimens are left in the
   paraffin  block  they  seem  to be fine when cut just before staining.
   Often  we  will make controls ahead and put them in the fridge to help
   preserve their staining properties.  Frozen sections are not an option
   for  us  since  we  as  well  as  all  major institutions use paraffin
   processed  blocks for routine specimens.  Frozens are only created for
   special  tests  and  quick  diagnosis.   It  would be expensive if not
   impossible  for  us  to story thousands of frozens like we are able to
   store paraffin tissue blocks.

   Thom Jensen


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