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OK - ! Let's go back into time about 35 years - -  How about everyone 
smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee while cutting blocks - parties in 
the lab that included food, ethanol and orange juice (the pathologists's 
idea) - and a diener who could routinely be found sleeping in the walk-in 
morgue cooler?  We had something on our processor between the acetone and 
xylene that was called "solvent 127". In 30 years, I've never been able to 
find out what that was. . .. maybe Soylent Green?  We occasionally used 
toluene and dioxane to 'rush process' tissues  (no ventillation).  How 
about making bouin's solution with dry picric acid from a 5 pound jar. 
Sometimes if you spilled a little of the picric acid, and it was still 
there the next day, when you walked on it - it made little crackling 

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        Subject:        [Histonet] Chromic acid vs periodic acid, old times, desmin IHC,

For GMS in our lab we tried both Chromic and Periodic and found that 
because of the weakness of the Periodic we got positive non specific fiber 
and histiocyte staining in our Pneumocystis GMS slides that our 
pathologists didn't  like to see. Stronger oxidation= cleaner stain (for 
us) and better contrast of target items. 

How about doing animal surgery without gloves, having a charcoal grill 
running burgers inside the morgue room on the spare table under the vent, 
"lunch and learn" brain cuttings in the autopsy suite, practical jokes 
which included exploding purple iodine clouds from under the toilet seat, 
and body bags full of striped bass in the cold storage unit! Work 
uniforms? How about shorts and a cutoff t- shirt underneath a lab coat. (I 
think sometimes somebody skipped the pants altogether!)

Desmin- for desmin IHC i've found a 95C bath of high PH + EDTA retrieval 
solution (Trilogy from Cellmarque) for 15 minutes and no trypsin= less 
morphologic ruination. (Trypsin + heat retrieval= mush nuclei and swollen 
collagen. ) Desmin from Biogenex, 1:80 dilution 30 min incubation. 
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