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From:"Fred Underwood"

You may consider using a dehydrating solution which is 7 parts absolute
alcohol and 3 parts xylene.  I use 6 changes on my processer then clear
with xylene.  I don't process anything quite as fatty as beef steaks of
breast tissue, but do run a variety of rather thickly grossed tissue.


>>> "Mark Adam Tarango"  05/12/04 06:26AM
Well, I've seen many people take a piece of fatty breast tissue while
embedding and squish/squash/squeeze it until all that juicy fat just
drips out.  After this, they let it sit in molten paraffin for a few
minutes.  I don't recommend this, I only mention it hoping someone
say what a horrible practice this is.  It seems like squeezing breasts
is the norm lol . . .   maybe this really is normal, but I don't like
the idea of it. . . 

Any comments.....?

Mark Tarango 

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Hi All, 


How do other laboratorians  prepare fatty breast specimens for
histology?  Are you doing anything special?  We had a case today which
our doctor needs to have re-processed.  It appears unfixed, although
sat in formalin on the processor over the weekend before it processed
Sunday night.   The sections are large (too large in my opinion) and
adequately removed of fat. We are using toluene on our processors and
have considered going to Xylene.  We have tried Penn fixx in the past,
but discontinued using it years ago.  I know it is a complicated
subject, but just thought I would see if anyone has any bits of wisdom.



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