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From:"Joe Nocito"

If you have a VIP 5, I just went through that.  A hose in the back was
plugged by paraffin.  According to the guy who repaired it, this seems to be
normal for the VIP 5.

Joe Nocito

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Subject: [Histonet] VIP Tissue Processor malfunctioning.....

Has anyone ever had a problem w/ their VIP processor pumping water into
the last paraffin bath or retort chamber?  This has happened four or
five times in the last three months.  It seems to always happen after I
change the reagents.  Am I to blame?

P.S.  What is the water for?  Is its purpose to minimize fumes?  I've
heard someone say it's used to pump reagents in and out....something
related to the vacuum and pressure, but this doesn't make sense to me...


Mark Tarango

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