RE: [Histonet] Testes Bouin's fluid

From:Mary Lou Norman

These tissues are small enough that they don't need to be fixed for 24 
hours. Try 8 to 12 hours, skip the NBF, wash in water for a bit, and rinse 
with several changes of 70% ETOH to remove picric acid. More acid will 
leach out during processing. Provided the tissues are no more than 3mm 
thick, 2-3 hours in 80% ETOH and 1 hour each for the rest of your 
processing should give you decent sections that will stain adequately with 
any H&E. If you don't leach out enough picric acid, your sections will 
compress when cutting, so use ice.

Just another way to do it.
Mary Lou Norman
College of Veterinary Medicine

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