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Yes, these too are good. However, I don't like the heavy handle and light blade, a problem I also conceive with the Feather blade holders and the dreaded PM40 knife, an abomination if ever there was one.
The problem is lack of feel of where the blade is. With the heavy handle you can only feel where the handle is. 
I think this is plain dangerous, far more so than holding the blade in your fingers, which in my view, is not dangerous at all.
In point of fact, all the things that have been mentioned are satisfactory.

I have my own ham knife and sharpener, lately, a ceramic sharpener. These are mine and only mine. Nobody touches them. I keep it sharp - much sharper than a scalpel. The length of the blade allows a proper slicing cut, and I use this for EVERYTHING - no exception.

Changing tack slightly, I am tempted to cut some holes in the blade, like the latest generation of Japanese and cheese knives. This apparently lessens the suction or drag on the blade. 

Dr Terry L Marshall, B.A.(Law), M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.Path
 Consultant Pathologist
 Rotherham General Hospital
 South Yorkshire

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I prefer to use the Skin Graft blade (SG3) from Swann-Morton
(  These fit on a standard No.3
scalpel handle and are extremely sharp. I use them for cutting very thin
slices of fresh rat kidney and they perform far better than microtome or
razor blades.


Kevin Randall
Alderley Park

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